Molly Marble Pot

Introducing the Molly Marble Pots, a stunning combination of metal, glass, and marble, designed to showcase your plants in style. This set of two pots comes in different heights, offering a versatile and eye-catching display for your greenery. With dimensions of W 30cm x D 50cm x H 70cm and W 30cm x D 50cm x H 50cm, these pots are both functional and elegant.


Each pot features a rectangular marble base with an empty center, creating a sleek and modern look. At the top, a glass container provides a perfect home for your plants, allowing their beauty to shine through. Adding to the luxurious appeal, a metallic gold circle under the pot elevates the design and adds a touch of glamour to any space.


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W 30 cm, 30 cm x D 50 cm, 50 cm x H 70 cm , 50 cm
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